for Saratoga Springs CITY COUNCIL

Your voice for property rights and responsible growth.

I am pleased to once again ask for your vote for the Saratoga Springs City Council.

We live in such a beautiful city. We are surrounded by scenic vistas, terrific recreational opportunities and great schools. My family and I have lived here for 14 years and plan on staying many, many more.

Our city continues to grow as an incredible pace. As I promised when I ran last time, we have held developers to their development agreements, removed unnecessary code and cleaned up other code, been readily available to residents through email, phone and visits. We have returned property rights to residents, and brought more business to the city. We have been fiscally conservative as we have improved and built parks and recreational improvements.

I will continue to stand up for your property rights. I will continue to have increased interaction with residents. I will continue to guard our precious individual dollars, by making fiscally sound decisions. I will continue to bring more business to the city, while holding developers to their word. And I will strive to keep the family friendly feel of our city.

Help keep Saratoga Springs the vibrant envied city we want it to be. Thank you for your support.

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